Is It Time for a Garage Door Replacement?

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When your garage door starts to show its age, you might be wondering if it can keep going or if it needs to be replaced. On average, a garage door lasts somewhere between 10-15 years, but you can get even more out of your garage doors with proper care, maintenance and a good garage door opener. If you are on the fence between the garage door staying and the garage door being replaced, here are a few things to ask yourself to determine if it’s time for a garage door replacement.

  • Can my garage door be updated? A garage door is usually the first thing that people see when they get home from work, and if you hate seeing it every day, then it might be time for a change! Just like shades of paint and furnishings go in and out of style, so do garage doors. A garage door replacement might just be the updating that you need.
  • Do I want more energy efficiency? Many older garage doors aren’t nearly as efficient as the newer ones that are available, which can mean that you are spending more money than you need to on things like energy. In addition to saving money, a more energy efficient garage door replacement can make your garage more comfortable as well.
  • Is my garage door secure and working properly? If you spend more time wondering if your garage door will work than if it won’t, then a garage door replacement might be worth your while.

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