3 Essential Characteristics of Fire Rated Doors

fire rated doors Safety is an essential part of the door services we provide at Doors by Nalley of Lake Norman, Inc. One important element we consider in our line of work is fire safety. Here’s a look at three elements that make sure doors like ours are rated for fire safety:

  1. A Latching Device– Each fire door must have a latching device. A latch bolt is used to make sure the door remains shut (or latched) in the case of a fire. Deadlocks may also be used in addition to the latch system on the door, but it is the latching device that is one of the most basic elements required in fire rated doors.
  2. The Right Hinges– It may seem like a minor detail, but fire rated doors are equipped with steel bearing-style hinges. Steel hinges are able to keep their shape in the heat of a fire. As the hinges hold, they force the fire rated doors to stay in place. This helps prevent a fire from spreading throughout a building.
  3. A Closing Device– Another basic element of fire rated doors is the closing device. For a door to truly prevent the spread of a fire, a door must be closed and latched to create a proper seal against a fire. These closing devices are often rectangular devices with a jointed arm at the top of the door.

These are just a few of the many features included with fire rated doors. The basic features are the start of what keeps people and property safe in case of fire.