Most Asked Questions About Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you are considering getting new garage doors, you probably have a few questions in mind. You might also wonder if there are questions you don’t know to ask. While there are probably dozens of things coursing through your mind right now, here are the most asked questions to get you started.

  • Should I go with an insulated or non-insulated door? A number of factors come into consideration when making this decision. For example, how do you use your garage? If you do more than park your car there, you may want an insulated door. Another factor is if you have a room over the garage that will be more comfortable if you can control the temperature in the garage.
  • Which is better: wood or metal garage doors? There are advantages with each type. Wood garage doors offer beauty and warmth, but metal garage doors require less maintenance. Whichever you choose, consider there are many levels of quality, so you can fit your preference and your budget.
  • How long do garage doors last? The quality of the door is one of the main contributors to the lifespan you can expect. Many can last well over 20 years with proper maintenance. The painted finish can also last a long time before you need to repaint it provided you give it a good cleaning a couple times a year.
  • Should I go with a solid garage door or one with windows? You need to decide if having some natural light in your garage is necessary or desired, but also consider that windows offer less security and privacy than a solid door. You might also consider how each will look with the architectural style of your home.
  • Is it better to go with a wide double-size garage door or two single ones? Part of this decision is aesthetics and that depends on what you find appealing, however professionals feel that two single doors can provide a nice balanced appearance. A practical reason for two single doors is that if one opener fails, you can still use the other door. A practical reason for one double door is that you only have one opener to maintain.

If you have more questions or want professional advice about choosing garage doors, give us a call at Doors by Nalley, Inc. Our professionals are happy to help. We are committed to quality customer service and providing the highest quality garage doors available.

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