Are Your Garage Doors a Security Risk When You Are on Vacation?

Garage Doors

You’ve packed your bags and you’re ready to go! The islands are calling and you can’t wait to get there and get working on that tan and those umbrella-clad cocktails. If you truly want to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind, you need to do everything you can to secure your home before you leave, and that includes securing your garage doors. Here are a few things you should do:

  • Disable the electric opener or put a padlock on the door latch. Basically, do anything you can so that your garage doors cannot be opened easily.
  • Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home. In fact, if they wouldn’t mind, ask them to park in your driveway now and then to give the appearance you are still at home.
  • If your garage doors have windows, it can be a good idea to put window film or shades on them.
  • Install a motion light on the outside so that a criminal will not have the privacy of darkness that they prefer. You can also put a light that is on a timer so it looks like you are at home.
  • Install a security camera that has a smartphone app to let you know if someone comes anywhere near your garage doors.
  • Call a professional to assess the durability of your garage doors and advise you about the cost of a durable steel option that will make it more difficult to gain entry.

If you have questions about garage doors, don’t hesitate to call us at Doors by Nalley. We want to help you be able to enjoy your next vacation with the peace of mind that your garage doors are in good shape. You can also keep our number handy so we can respond if a situation arises and you need emergency repairs to your garage doors. Enjoy your sunset beach cocktail in peace knowing your home in the Charlotte, North Carolina area is well-protected.

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