Garage Doors and Tips To Maintain Your Home Security

DoorsWhen you build a new garage or buy a home with one included, it is important that you understand some of the important safety tips that will ensure your home security. While some garage door safety tips seem like common sense, such as always closing your garage door when you leave, others are a little less obvious.

  • Keep up on maintenance. While garage doors are generally low maintenance, it is important that small problems are fixed quickly. If a door is not closing or opening properly, it may easily allow intruders in to your home. Watch for corrosion and other damage. Maintenance should also be performed on the door inside your garage that allows access to your home. If hinges, locks, or the frame seem to be inefficient, they need to be secured or replaced.   
  • Frost or cover your windows. Garage doors that include windows allow intruders to peek into your garage. They will do this to see what you have in your garage, how easily they can access your home through the garage, and whether you are home or not. It is better to have frosted or covered windows.
  • Add lighting. Lighting is very important inside and around your garage. Exterior lighting is a strong deterrent for intruders, as it is difficult for them to enter unnoticed if your garage door is well-lit. Leave your bright exterior lights on even if you are gone for the night or on vacation.
  • Lock when you leave. You know to lock your doors when you leave your home. You should also lock your garage door. There are many simple ways to do this, from a zip-tie to a padlock, or more complex ways like intricate locking systems. You should always lock your garage door when you will be gone for the night or if you are leaving on a long vacation.

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