What to Do When Garage Doors Come Off Their Tracks

garage doorsGarage doors that have come off their tracks are not only unsightly, but also unstable and dangerous. Never attempt to move the door with the opener or manually.

A common cause of a door coming off its track is when one or both of the cables break. Cables are at risk of breaking due to natural wear and tear after years of use. Usually, a cable breaks only on one side of the door track at a time, while the door is opening.

In addition to a cable breaking, there are two other ways garage doors may come off their tracks – either being hit by a powerful force such as a car, or due to an obstructed path. Today, most garage doors have electric eyes to make sure the path is clear. Older garage doors don’t have this safety mechanism.

A garage door without electric eyes presents the opportunity for a ladder, trash can, car, bicycle, etc. to be left in its path. When the door makes contact with the obstruction, it can come off its track. Moreover, an impact to the back or front of the garage door can also derail it. For example, someone drives into the front of a closed door or backs out when the door is closed.

If your garage door ever comes off its track, do not attempt to repair or move it yourself. Our professional technicians at Doors By Nalley know how to handle these situations. Garage door cables and springs are under immense pressure and related accidents have caused serious injuries, even deaths. Please be careful!

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