What Makes Industrial Garage Doors Special?

Industrial Garage DoorsIndustrial garage doors serve many of the same purposes as their residential and commercial counterparts. Knowing the principal differences between these and their industrial sibling will help you make better decisions that will affect the longevity and reliability of the doors you choose.

First, the size of industrial garage doors can vary widely, depending on location, type of construction, and purpose. Because of the wide variety of industrial applications that may be needed and the different types of access required, the size of your industrial garage doors can be tailored to your uses.

Second, the construction of industrial garage doors needs to be of heavier and more durable construction both for practical concerns and in order to meet the safety and code requirements for industrial buildings.

Third, the maintenance and upkeep of these doors is by nature more intensive than commercial or residential garage doors. Working with a company that both understands these requirements and knows how to execute proper inspections and timely repairs will save time, money, and worry about the system, allowing you and those you work with to focus on your company’s actual business.

For help selecting, installing and maintaining your industrial garage doors, look to us at Doors by Nalley. With years of experience helping countless clients in Mooresville, Huntersville, Gastonia, Statesville, Hickory, Denver, and Charlotte, let our talented, helpful, and licensed technicians help you with all of your needs for garage doors, whether they be of the industrial, residential or commercial variety.

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