Pretty Neat! Garage Door Openers Can Now Be Operated Via Your Smartphone

Garage Door OpenersIf your household is like most others, you probably have a problem with the garage door – it doesn’t like to be kept closed! With kids trailing in and out, it tends to be left open frequently.

Well, now there’s a solution from Chamberlain in the form of MyQ Garage – a smartphone controller for garage door openers. And the bonus is, you don’t have to have a Chamberlain door for it to work with garage door openers. You can see at any time if your garage door is open, and if it is, you can close it with your smartphone. How neat is that?

  • MyQ works with your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • Installation in mere minutes.
  • The app is free. No ongoing or monthly service fees.
  • Included: door sensor, Wi-Fi hub, power cord, mounting bracket, and instructions for downloading the app.
  • Setup is a breeze – create an account, confirm your email, login, enter your phone’s serial number, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Take a look at this short video clip:

Note: The Wi-Fi range depends on the thickness and number of doors, walls and other barriers between your garage and the router. However, the average range is 50 to 100 ft. from the router. To test it, take your phone into the garage and switch Wi-Fi on to ensure you get a signal. If there’s not enough range, add an extender. These are readily available at most electronic stores.

If you live in the Gastonia area of North Carolina and want more info about MyQ or Chamberlain garage door openers and other related products, please contact us at Doors By Nalley.

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