Residential Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage doors help to make life more convenient, but they can also pose safety hazards if not handled properly.  This is an especially important reality if you have small children.  And while injuries may not be serious, they can be easily avoided.  When garage doors are used for residential purposes, the following safety tips should be kept in mind:

residential garage door

  • Keep remote controls and control buttons away from the reach of children.
  • Set a good example for how residential garage doors should be properly used.
  • Perform monthly visual inspections of the door and its equipment.  You can also give us a call, and we will perform a 10-point inspection of your door or set up a scheduled maintenance plan.
  • Place a box or roll of paper towels under the door.  The door should retract on contact.  If the automatic retraction does not perform properly, give us a call for a replacement or updated system.
  • Do not leave your door halfway open.  This can be a head hazard.
  • Do not attempt to repair springs or wires.  This should be done by a qualified professional.
  • Never place fingers near the door sections when the door is in operation.
  • Teach children proper safety techniques.

Doors by Nalley is a family owned business serving the Denver, NC, and surrounding areas.  We are experienced in residential, commercial, and industrial overhead doors.  Doors by Nalley is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we offer a 24-7 emergency repair service.  Give us a call today for all your installation, service, repair, and associated garage door product needs!

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