Signs that You Need Garage Door Replacement

you need a garage door replacement

We at Doors by Nalley of Lake Norman, Inc. know that you want to take good care of your home. One area of the home that is often neglected is the garage. Your garage is an important space that protects your vehicle and other possessions from the elements, but its protection is only as effective as your garage door. If you are experiencing difficulties with your garage door, it can be difficult to tell if you need to have it repaired or just replaced altogether. To help you make that judgement call, our team has put together this list of signs that you need a garage door replacement.

•   Speed- While no garage door will ever fly open, your door should still respond to your button or opener right away. If your garage door starts opening and closing at a much slower pace, or if you experience a significant delay between pressing the button and the door’s response, it’s likely that you need a garage door replacement.

•   Function- As with all things, your garage door will wear down over time. The springs in most garage doors are only rated to last 10,000 cycles, which go by faster than you think. Some functionality can be restored with various repairs, but if you’re experiencing a significant loss in performance it might be time for a garage door replacement.

•   Noise- All garage doors will make some noise. However, if you start to hear grinding, crunching, grating, or screeching sounds from your garage door, it’s a sign that components aren’t functioning properly. Call our team to get an expert assessment on whether the problem can be repaired or if you’re better off with a garage door replacement.

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