Tips for Choosing Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors in Charlotte, North CarolinaChoosing a garage door for you home generally only has to take into account style and function. However, with commercial garage doors, you must also consider durability and strength. When you consider that the typical home puts their garage door through an open/close cycle just two to four times per day, that’s roughly 1,000 to 1,500 times per year. With a business, it could be twice or three times that. That doesn’t even count the amount of activity that goes on around commercial garage doors with loading and unloading inventory. Here are a few tips for choosing commercial garage doors that will help you avoid making the wrong choice.

  • Opener – The first decision will be whether to go with hand operated or a powered opener. Opening commercial garage doors by hand, particularly if they need to open frequently, can be trying on the arms, shoulders, and back. Even if you are not the one who will be doing it, consider what an injury of an employee could set you back. In choosing a power opener, be sure to get the horsepower needed to not only handle the weight of the commercial garage doors, but also the frequency with which they’ll be cycled.
  • Durability and Security – Just like your garage doors at home present the largest and sometimes easiest way to access your home, you must consider this when choosing commercial garage doors. Depending on how much inventory you have, you probably have a lot more at stake. Durability comes into play here, as well, because you don’t want productivity to suffer while waiting for repairs because the flimsy commercial garage doors you had installed can’t hold up to the constant cycles.

If you are still unsure how to choose commercial garage doors, have no fear. At Doors by Nalley, we have the expertise of more than 25 years to help you in the selection. We serve many areas of North Carolina, including Denver, Charlotte, Gastonia, Statesville, and Mooresville. We also provide maintenance and 24/7 repair services, so we can help you keep your doors functioning perfectly for years to come.

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