Wi-Fi and Other Innovative Residential Garage Door Remotes

Residential Garage Door RemotesDid you know you can now control your garage door from your phone? And that’s not all! With modern advances in technology, access to your garage is even more convenient than ever. Although the push of a button from the convenience of your driver’s seat is easy enough, you can now control your garage door without being directly in front of it. Never worry again if your garage door is closed or not.

  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi residential garage door remotes usually refer to controls you can access from your phone. Think about it – when do you not have your phone with you? We use our cell phones for almost everything. They have become our computers, our wallets, our navigators. Why not add your garage door remote to the list? 
  • Key fob- Key fob residential garage door remotes help to ensure the security of your garage from break-ins. It is always suggested that you keep your garage door remote with you instead of leaving it in your vehicle. This is because if a criminal were to break into your vehicle and steal your remote, they would have quick access to your garage. Key fob remotes are also small and convenient. Even your older children can carry one. 
  • Home Automation- Home automation systems can double as residential garage door remotes. Home automation systems are growingly popular because they are one of the most convenient ways to access many areas of your home, including lights and doors. This means no matter where you are – home, school, work, or on vacation – you can open and close your garage door. For many homeowners, this means peace of mind. If you are out of town and need to allow someone to enter without giving them unlimited access with a combination, your phone gives you the capability to do so. For others with older children, this is an added convenience. 

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