Fire Rated Doors, Charlotte, NC

Our fire rated doors offer you the best in fire safety for your business.

Fire Rated Doors in Charlotte, North Carolina

At Doors by Nalley, Inc., we strive to bring you the best doors for your home or business, with a focus on safety from both intrusion and other risks. One factor that we keep in mind for our doors is fire safety. To earn a fire safety rating, a door must have three things: a latching device, a closing device, and the correct hinges.

  • Latching Device- All fire rated doors are equipped with latch bolts to make sure that the door remains shut in the event of a fire. During a fire emergency, you can use these latches to secure interior doors to contain the flames in one part of the building and prevent them from spreading while you wait for emergency services to arrive.
  • Closing Device- The closing device on a fire-rated door is typically a jointed arm at the top of the door. In the event of a fire, this arm will close the door automatically, so that it can be latched and sealed to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • The Right Hinges- While the latching and closing devices are important safety measures, neither will remain effective if the hinges should break or warp in the heat of the fire. Because of this, fire-rated doors must have steel-bearing style hinges. Unlike brass hinges, these hinges will hold their shape even in intense heat, and will hold the fire doors in place, preserving the seal.

At Doors by Nalley, Inc., we are proud to offer the best in fire-rated doors to the Charlotte, North Carolina community. Give us a call today if you want to keep your property safe from fires.

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