5 Signs You Need a Garage Door Tune-Up

garage door tune-upWhen you are running late for work or making a quick trip to the grocery store, you are probably not thinking about your garage door. However, your garage door is a heavy-duty piece of machinery that you use multiple times each day. Keep an eye out for these five signs of wear and tear that can help you identify when you need a garage door tune-up.

  1. You Hear Grinding or Scraping Noises. One of the easiest problems to spot is unfamiliar grinding or scraping noises. Once a week, take a moment to turn down the radio and listen as your garage door opens. Unfamiliar noises may indicate a problem such as debris on the garage door tracks or loose hardware.
  2. You See Your Garage Door Does Not Run Smoothly. Another common sign your garage door needs a tune-up is unsteadiness as it opens or closes. If you notice the door jerk or shudder as it is running, this can be another sign that the hinges, tracks, or bolts need maintenance.
  3. You Notice Worn Rollers. On closer inspection of your garage door, take note of the garage door rollers. You need a garage door tune-up if you see rollers that are cracked, chipped, or otherwise worn down. Any damaged rollers should be replaced as soon as possible to keep your garage door operating smoothly.
  4. You Find Worn Out Weatherstripping. A simple way to keep your garage in good shape is to check the weatherstripping on the bottom of the door. Look out for weatherstripping that is broken or brittle. Replacing this compromised weatherstripping will help protect your garage from bad weather.
  5. You See a Bend in Your Garage Door Track. If you pay attention to regular maintenance, you will most likely avoid this type of problem. However, when you see a bend in the track, you should have a garage door tune-up as soon as possible to avoid a situation where your garage door would not be able to open.

These are just a few of the signs you should look for to know when you need to tune-up your garage. At Doors by Nalley, we are happy to provide regular garage door maintenance. Observing these five signs will help you know when to schedule a tune-up.

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