Benefits of a Garage Door Tune-Up

Benefits of a Garage Door Tune-Up

You may be thinking, “Is a garage door tune-up really necessary?” The answer is yes! The following are the top benefits of having a routine garage door tune-up.

  • Cost Efficiency – Who doesn’t love to save money? By getting a recommended garage door tune-up every 6 months, you can detect any small issues early on that could later result in bigger costly issues if not taken care of. The wear and tear on garage parts can easily sneak up on you and wind up costing you a fortune. Typical parts that are inspected are hinges, springs, and screws as they pertain to your garage door.
  • Longevity – Having semi-annual garage door tune-ups helps increase the life of your garage door. When the hardware is inspected and the functionality is tested, it ensures that everything is working properly. It is important to us as a company that our doors are satisfactory and operating as they should.
  • Safety – Our priority as a company is not only to provide you with the best doors, but also to ensure the safety of our customers. By routinely getting garage door tune-ups, you are preventing issues that may cause your garage door to malfunction, which could result in damage to not only your belongs, but to people as well.

At Doors by Nalley of Lake Norman, Inc., we believe that having a garage door tune-up every six months is essential to maintain your garage door. We hope these benefits have shown the importance of a garage door tune-up and how helpful it can be in the long run. Please give us a call if you have any questions about garage door tune-ups.

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