Creative Uses for Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors in Charlotte, North CarolinaIt used to be that overhead doors were rarely seen outside of warehouses and occasionally homes. You may not remember it, but years ago, it was pretty rare for homes to even have a garage, and those that did usually had a barn-door style. Now, overhead doors are used in some very creative ways, both residentially and commercially.

  • Commercial – While overhead doors are certainly used for loading and unloading inventory and supplies, you will see them used in other ways, as well. For example, restaurants are using them to divide inside seating and outdoor seating, so that during good weather, they can be opened to give an airy and inviting atmosphere and ease of foot traffic flow.
  • Residential – Having a wall of windows may be a great way to let in light and provide for an ideal way to enjoy a killer view, but using overhead doors so you can also let in air and be able to step outside is even better. Giving your indoors that outdoorsy feel all the time makes overhead doors a wonderful home improvement that looks modern and classy.

If you have more questions about overhead doors and the many styles available that could prove ideal for what creative way you have in mind, give us a call at Doors by Nalley. Overhead doors have come a long ways in recent years, and we’re sure we can fit your needs.

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