Essential Loading Dock Equipment for Your Business

Essential Loading Dock Equipment for Your Business

If you have a loading dock, it is likely a key part of your business and facility.  This is where the stuff (whatever your stuff may be) comes in and/or out.  No loading dock is complete without some loading dock equipment essentials.

Essential Loading Dock Equipment: 

  • Dock Bumpers:  Dock bumpers are laminated or rubber tools that protect your facility by absorbing the impact in the event a truck or trailer gets a little too close.  No loading dock equipment list is complete without dock bumpers.
  • Dock Seals: Dock seals work with dock bumpers to close the gap between the trailer and your dock. These seals are typically weatherproof and are great if you live in area where you often have cold or storming weather conditions.  Business owners make dock seals an essential loading dock equipment item because they help control the temperature inside of their facility, helping their employees stay more comfortable and keeping their energy costs low.
  • Aluminum Dock Boards: If you are like most other business owners, you like anything that helps streamline processes. This is exactly what aluminum dock boards do, making the loading/unloading process so much easier.
  • Steel Dock Boards:  Steel dock boards are the same as aluminum dock boards, but they can just handle a lot more weight.  When making your essential loading dock equipment list, it is important to know exactly what you need.
  • Dock Levelers: Dock levelers do exactly what the name says, and they come in mechanical or hydraulic options. Dock levelers help the loading and unloading process be a bit safer.

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