Implementing a Garage Door Maintenance Plan: How Weather May Be Affecting Your Door

garage door maintenanceHere at Doors by Nalley, we offer a 10-point garage door inspection to ensure your door continues to function property. We understand the importance of proper garage door maintenance, not only for convenience but also for safety.

Different weather conditions affect your garage door differently. Knowing how your garage door is reacting may help you to better understand what is happening if your door begins to act up. When a door does not open or close properly in certain weather conditions, it is likely to be related to one of two problems. Let us help you with all your maintenance and tune-up needs.

Hot Weather
At over 100 degrees and moisture filling the air, your garage door may need additional lubrication. This is the first likely problem if your door is not opening as it should. If your door is specifically not closing properly, you may be in need of a sensitivity adjustment. Continue to perform maintenance checks on your garage door to ensure a troubled door is not the result of malfunction, and you can give us a call to assist you with any maintenance service your garage door may be in need of.

Cold Weather
Though we experience a relatively mild climate, sometimes it gets cold, really cold! Your door may not be accustomed to this weather. Similar to your car not starting as fast as it would in the summer, garage doors can be sensitive to winter conditions, too. A good defense is to lubricate the door, as lubrication can actually dry out or thicken. You may also need to have the sensitivity adjusted to make sure the door continues to close properly.

Doors by Nalley is a family owned business serving the Denver, NC, and surrounding areas. We are experienced in residential, commercial, and industrial overhead doors. Doors by Nalley is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we offer a 24-7 emergency repair service. Give us a call today for all your installation, service, repair, and associated garage door product needs!

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