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Three Myths About Garage Door Remotes

Garage door remotes are a wonderful luxury that makes operating a garage door more convenient. Despite this, some myths about how they work have become persistent. Below we’ve clarified the truth on three such misconceptions.

  • Myth #1: Your neighbor could open your garage door with their remote. This persistent myth never seems to fade away, regardless of how advanced technology becomes. While remotes of the same brand operating on the same frequency may have posed a security threat in the past, modern remotes use a changing code system. So every time you use your remote, the code it uses to communicate with your garage door opener changes automatically. The odds of another remote matching your remote’s code are slim to none.
  • Myth #2: Each of your doors needs a separate remote. This misconception stems from how openers operate on specific frequencies. Homeowners reach the erroneous conclusion that if each door is on its own frequency, each must have a separate remote. However, garage door remotes exist that can control multiple doors by utilizing more than one frequency. They can be found in both specific brands as well as universal options.
  • Myth #3: A shortened range means electrical interference is hindering your remote. Weak batteries are much more likely to shorten your remote’s range. If you find your remote isn’t working as effectively as it did a few years ago, the batteries are a more likely culprit than electrical interference. Replace them first before checking for other possible problems.

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