Treat Garage Door Remotes Like Your Front Door Key

Garage Door Openers in Mooresville, North Carolina

Do you have a tag on your keyring with your home address and use little caution where you leave your house key ring sitting around? What a ludicrous thought, right? You may be doing something just as risky if you leave your vehicle unlocked with registration and insurance paperwork in the glove box and the garage door remotes in plain site on the visor. Doing this with even a locked car could put you in a bad position if your car is broken into and your remote is taken. You now have much more at risk than what is in your car – that criminal knows where you live and has the ability to enter your home easily through the garage. So, what do you do now if this has happened?

The first thing to do is disable the remote. Most modern door openers have the ability to deprogram all the garage door remotes and keypads linked to it. Don’t expect that just unplugging the opener will do the trick as most have a battery that stores the codes, which is handy when you have a power outage. You can, however, unplug it temporarily so that the remote cannot be used while you figure out how to render it useless.

Each brand and model of opener will have a different process to disable the remote. If you need help with yours, give us a call at Doors by Nalley, Inc. We may be able to assist you over the phone and then arrange to get a new remote to you. We are here if you have any other garage door or opener concerns as well.

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