Neglecting Garage Door Repair is a Bad Idea

Garage Door Repair in Charlotte, North CarolinaHas your spouse been nagging you to fix the garage door for a while now? Do you keep putting it off because it’s not so bad keeping your cars in the driveway for the time being? Other than making your spouse unhappy, which certainly could have some unpleasant side effects, neglecting garage door repair is a really bad idea, for a number of reasons.

  • Security – You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked all the time, would you? If your garage door is broken, you are in essence doing the exact same thing. While nothing may happen if it is not visible that it is compromised, don’t discount the persistent criminal who goes around neighborhoods checking doors. Not to mention the fact that your irritated spouse could be complaining to friends, with it falling on the wrong ears. Your kids could mention it, too.
  • Vehicle Damage – Your vehicles are huge investments. Do you really want to leave them unprotected? Damage from the weather, sun damage to the paint job, debris falling from trees, kids playing ball, and don’t forget, those wandering criminals, could all make you wish you hadn’t neglected garage door repair.
  • Injury – Depending on what is wrong with your garage door, you may be still using it. However, doing so could pose a serious risk. A garage door is heavy, and should it fall on someone in your family or your vehicle, you are going to have to listen to “I told you so” from your spouse. Of all of the reasons, this is number one for why neglecting garage door repair could be very dangerous.

At Doors by Nalley, we don’t want to see any of these happen to you. Sure, the risk may be low for some of them, but taking the chance just isn’t worth it. Give yourself, and your spouse, peace of mind and give us a call today for garage door repair that is quick, affordable and painless. We are available 24 hours a day in the Denver and Charlotte, North Carolina area, so don’t put it off another minute.

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