How to Pick the Best Residential Garage Doors for Your Lifestyle

residential garage doorsWhat kind of garage door do you need? This is a common question as you invest in a new residential garage door at your home. Here are a few ways you can choose which residential garage doors are right for you and your family.

How often do you use your garage door each day?

The average garage door opens 1,000 times a year or more. That’s a lot of moving up and down. If you are frequently going to and from your home each day, durability is an important consideration. This makes painted woodtone doors a good option. These doors provide the finished look of wood with the durability of steel.

Is it important to have natural light in your garage?

If you like the look of windows, or if you are in and out of your garage frequently, recessed panel or stamped carriage style doors may be the right fit for your residential garage door. Carriage style doors also offer a country-classic look for your home, while recessed panel doors offer a clean, subtle style.

Are your needs unique?

Each home is different, so sometimes a one-size-fits all solution is not a good option for your residential garage door. In these cases, you should consider custom garage doors. At Doors by Nalley, we offer custom installation that fits in with the style and needs of your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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