Solutions to 7 Common Issues with Residential Garage Doors

  1. Common Issues with Residential Garage DoorsSqueaking: The first common issue with residential garage doors is squeaking when closing and opening. Hinges, rollers and springs can be noisy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Use a lubricant recommended specifically for garage doors, but if the noise persists, call a professional technician.
  2. Frayed Cable: Call a professional right away. Don’t attempt to adjust, repair or remove a cable or spring. Serious injury or death may result.
  3. Door Makes Loud Noises and Opens in Jerky Motion: This could be due to lack of maintenance of the door or the opener. A service is most likely required.
  4. Garage Door Doesn’t Open with Remote: Maybe the batteries need replacing, or perhaps the safety photo eyes on the opener are out of line, or a spring may be broken.
  5. Door Doesn’t Close All the Way: The photo eye sensors on the opener may be out of line, or an object may be blocking their path.
  6. There’s Black Residue on the Outside of the Door: Usually, these marks are caused by oil on the springs. To remove them, residential garage doors should be washed annually.
  7. There are Rust Spots on the Bottom of the Door: The cause could be chemical splatters from driveway cleaner. Wash the garage door with soap and water.

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