Residential Garage Door Replacement: Should I Choose Windows for my New Door?

residential garage door replacementWindows can be a fun accent piece for your garage door.  They can beautify the home and allow natural light into the dark space of your garage.  Garage windows come in many styles and sizes.  When you are choosing a replacement residential garage door for your current style, you may feel a desire to include decorative windows.

The problem is that windows on garage doors have been associated with safety concerns.  Home owners feel burglars are able to see into their garage or even use windows as an entrance point.  Are windows really a concern?  There are a variety of products and steps you can take to make sure your home is safe when you choose to include windows in your residential garage door replacement.

  • You can choose to use products that are applied directly to the window to hide the inside contents from prying eyes but will still allow light to shine through freely.  These products are films or plastic appliques that come in a variety of styles.
  • Use exterior lights that are motion activated.  Burglars will be deterred from peeking into your garage.
  • If you are concerned that thieves will use the windows as an access point, choose a design with high windows that are too small for a person to fit through.

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