How Can a Garage Door Tune-Up Benefit You?

Garage Door Tune-UpA garage door tune-up seems like the least likely thing to be needed for your home, but the results can be striking. In order to determine if a garage door tune-up is a good idea for you, consider the following:

First, what type of garage door(s) do you have? Residential garage doors see patterns of use and wear that are different than commercial garage doors, which are different in certain important ways from industrial doors. The size of the door(s) to have a garage door tune-up also affects the wear and tear on the door and its supporting components, and certain areas have different regulations concerning maintenance, inspection, and care of commercial and industrial doors.

Second, consider the use the door regularly sees. With a heavily trafficked or often-used door, more regular maintenance is required for all components, just like a vehicle needs maintenance and oil changes regularly in order to operate efficiently. Working with a company that specializes in garage doors can provide you with honest, reliable, and efficient maintenance and tune-ups for whatever type or size of garage door(s) you might have.

For over 25 years, our team at Doors by Nalley has been serving the Lake Norman area in all types of garage door installation, maintenance, and repair. With our experienced, talented, and licensed team, we have the skills, tools, and product knowledge to help your garage door continue in good repair for years to come and to help you select and maintain a new or replacement door when that time comes. Should your garage door encounter unexpected issues or break down, we’re nearby with 24/7 assistance to make sure our clients and neighbors can depend on their doors.

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