Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

garage door repairGarage doors become damaged with time.  Whether by accident, elements, or general use, at some point your garage door will need to be repaired or replaced.  It can be expensive to entirely replace your existing garage door, but you may also not want to put a lot of money into repairs.  Knowing when it is time to repair or just replace your garage door can save you time and money.

When to Repair
There are many instances when a garage door can be repaired instead of replaced.  Malfunctions can be repaired with new parts or a new opener.  Even doors that are slow or heavy can be repaired.  If only one panel is damaged, this can usually be repaired.  Paint can be used to cover some slight imperfections or to change a style you no longer like. Call us, and we’ll take a look at your existing door.  Let us help you decide if the door can be repaired.

When to Replace
There are only a few reasons why you would actually need to replace your existing door.  You should replace your door if there is cosmetic damage that is not easily repaired.  This can be rust, etc.  If your door has dents that are in more than one panel and cause your door to not move properly, it will likely need to be replaced.  This type of damage is usually caused by severe weather or contact with a vehicle.
Doors by Nalley is a family owned business serving the Denver, NC, and surrounding areas.  We are experienced in residential, commercial, and industrial overhead doors.  Doors by Nalley is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we offer a 24-7 emergency repair service.  Give us a call today for all your installation, service, repair, and associated garage door product needs!

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