Noisy Doors? Call for Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair in Charlotte, North Carolina

It can be frustrating to deal with a noisy garage door, particularly if you cannot figure out what is causing all the racket. If you’ve been startled awake far too many times when a family member comes home late, it might be time to call for garage door repair to restore peace and quiet again.

A common cause for noise that a garage door repair professional can resolve for you is worn out rollers. When the rollers have stopped working properly, they begin sliding through the track instead of rolling as they should. This makes much more noise. If your rollers are working as they should, you still have the option to switch them out with quieter ones that are also stronger to last longer.

Speaking of improvements, consider having your old chain-drive opener replaced with a rubber belt drive. You can do this now to reduce noise or wait until you need a new door opener once it is completely worn out.

Garage door repair and maintenance services include inspecting all the parts involved, tightening any loose connections, and lubricating the metal parts that could be adding to your noise problem. An assessment of the entire system is completed and any questions you may have about whether it is time to replace the opener, garage door, and other components are addressed. You might consider switching to an insulated door because they are less noisy than a non-insulated door.

Here at Doors by Nalley, Inc., we’ve been providing solutions for noisy doors since 1990. We offer the highest quality products available and effective garage door repair to resolve any issue you may be having. Contact us today to learn more so you won’t be startled awake by a noisy door ever again.

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