Tips to Avoid Garage Door Repair in the Future

avoid more costly garage door repairsMuch as we like to avoid it, sometimes repairs are inevitable. However, there are also times when repairs like garage door repairs are completely avoidable. We use our garage doors every day, often multiple times per day, and avoiding garage door repair where we can is great for anyone who has a garage door. Here at Doors by Nalley, Inc., we have a few tips that can help you avoid pesky garage door repairs that can take up precious time and energy.

  • Be careful what you put in your garage. While garages are often a catch-all for storage solutions, be careful what goes into your garage and where. If you can, corral all your sporting goods equipment that can sneak its way under the door or obstruct the tracks. Things like hockey or lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, and tennis racquets should be standing upright and away from the door.
  • Regularly lube and maintain the tracks. A garage door and garage door opener are mechanical, and therefore, will need lubrication every so often to keep things running smoothly. Regular maintenance will also help to avoid more costly garage door repairs.
  • Don’t ignore odd sounds. If your garage is making a screeching, grinding, or just sounds like it is struggling, don’t hope that the sound will go away! Get it checked out soon to prevent larger issues.
  • Unplug every so often. Unplug your garage door opener and open your door manually every so often. Open it up to about halfway and let it go- it shouldn’t slam to the ground, but should only lower a little, if at all. If not, you need to get new springs!

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